Fresh N' Rico is owned by Chef Eugenio Torres, and his wife Tifani. Together they have a super blonde little boy Micah. They met on the island of St. Kitts, where Eugenio was a chef for the Marriott and Tifani was attending veterinary school. 

They both have a passion for achieving health through food and want to share that passion with everyone! They love to travel, and Eugenio always tries to incorporate their culinary experience abroad into the dishes. 

Along with healthy eating, they enjoy exercise and outdoor activities as well. Along with Fresh N' Rico, they also own a veterinary practice that focuses on holistic health in animals! 

Fresh n' Rico is taking a break 

many new projects and improvements to come....

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April, 14th at Midlothian Civic Center

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Providing a Culinary Experience for a Healthy Lifestyle